Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Weird Labels! Help!

Ok, I tried to find out more about these records, like where were they made? When they were made? But I can't find any information. I am almost 100% sure that these are copies.


This could be a copy, but the label, Carolina, is from a Tamil film, so it could be a south indian label.

2. Penguin

The hole in the middle of the record is slightly smaller than usual. I also know that the record that has that label is available on Angel records, so this is a copy, but from where?

3. ? Record

And the last label is from Malaysia, it is on Hindi and Tamil records. But I don't know when they where made?

If anyone has any info, or if someone has a record with one of these labels on it please feel free to leave a comment! Thanks!


DJ Carlito said...

SPLP might possibly mean "Singapore" LP-
I think i have seen that abbreviation on other records from Singapore - though i havent seen the penguin label before

Kanwarpreet said...

I have no idea stella BUT

thanks for all the pics.

Betwen you and third flor i have found my coverflow nirvana.

so many thanks.

bin searching for cover for mere sanam(60's) for long....any suggestions?