Friday, September 19, 2008


Hello, since some of you have suggested a donation link, I have put one up on the side bar. This is strictly for people who can give money or who are financially at ease. Anything goes, 0.05$ or 5$, it doesn't matter. Once I have reached my goal, or almost, I will remove the link, buy a record player and I will go back to posting albums.

Thank You
Sorry, I can't take your money, I think it's just a matter of principle. I though I could, but it just doesn't feel right. It's weird because I don't have much money and I can't take any money. Anyway, I declined all donations and deleted the link.
Sorry for that.


Tala said...

I was wondering what happened. I suppose I do understand in a weird way. Feel free to change your mind anytime :), as I said it's only fair.

Dave said...
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