Friday, December 28, 2007

Shankar Jaikishan: April Fool (1964/1970)

The very versatile Shankar and Jaikishan team bring us the lovely and mildly jazzy April Fool .

I don't usually fall for the "love songs", but this time I did with "Meri Muhabat". It has great melody and wins it's place as my favorite on the record. And guess what, it's sung by my favorite playback singer Mohd. Rafi, that's a plus! But, I must add that none of the songs on the album really wowed me at all, I was kind of disappointed.

The songs that stand out a bit are the "Title Music" and the attractive and soft "Aa Gale Lag Ja" .

I haven't seen the movie but there seems too be the image of a modern and independent woman (in a swimsuit, drinking and dancing) in the film which is represent in"Mera Naam Rita Christina" as a fun and westernised song. I also think it is a disguise in the movie, so she dresses like a vamp, but I can't be sure.

I also enjoy "April Fool Banaya" which is the most upbeat and fun song on the record.

Sorry, but overall this record doesn't do anything for me.

* If you watch the clip, this guy has the best sweaters ever.


Side 1
1. Title Music
2. Mohd. Rafi: Aa Gale Lag Ja
3. Lata Mangeshkar: Mera Naam Rita Christina
4. Mohd. Rafi & Suman Kalyanpur: Tujhe Pyar Karte Hain
5. Mohd. Rafi: Meri Muhabat Pak Muhabat

Side 2
6. Mohd. Rafi: Kehdo Kehdo Jahanse Kahdo
7. Lata Mangeshkar: unki Pehli Nazar Asar Kargaye
8. Mohd. Rafi: April Fool Banaya

Lyrics: Shailendra & Hasrat Jaipuri

Stella_1's score: 3/5

Get the music now: Shankar Jaikishan April Fool


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot stella.

Great rares.


phil said...

Thx Stella always suprising me :)

Spinning said...

Great blog - you have some wonderful soundtracks here!