Thursday, March 27, 2008

Kalyanji Anandji: Qurbani in English

To start off, Yeay! Qurbani in English! (these aren't easy to find) This is not the official film soundtrack for Qurbani. If you want to hear the Hindi version just click here to see Music from the Third Floor's post.

''Aap Jaise Koi'' is Qurbani's original hit, but ''What A Wonder It Will Be'' sung twice, once by Sharon (which I like better) and once by Bashir Sheikh isn't quite what I expected. Bashir also wrote the lyrics, which I find sometimes plain. But I can give his lack of poetry the benefit of the doubt because I didn't find any info on him. I don't know if he is a song writer or just a singer.

By the way, there are missing intros to the songs, ''Let Do It, Let's Do It, Let's Do It'' and ''Each Time I See Your Face''. Coincidentally they are my favorite on the album and outshine they're hindi counterparts.

The context of the song ''Let's Do It, Let's Do It, Let's Do It'' is about love and nostalgia, but the hindi version ''Qurbani, Qurbani'' is about friendship, god and sacrifice. It's the least related to the film version but, from my point of view, it's better then the hindi version. And on the plus side I like they're English accents in the song when they say ''yesteryear'' and ''fear''.

''Each Time I Remember Your Pretty Face'' is my favorite on this album. It has a nice melody an instrumental break including synthesizers. The hindi version is ''Hum Tuhme Chahte Hain'' but my favorite on the original Qurbani soundtrack is ''Laila O Laila''.

In all, the record is great but if it would have only come out in english I wouldn't have been so excited to listen to it.


Side 1
1. Sharon Prabhakar: What A Wonder It Will Be*
2. Bashir Sheikh & Sharon Prabhakar: Each Time I Remember Your Pretty Face
3. Bashir Sheikh & Sharon Prabhakar: Let's Do It, Let's Do It, Let's Do It

Side 2
4. Bashir Sheikh & Sharon Prabhakar: I You Were Prince Charming
5. Bashir Sheikh & Sharon Prabhakar: Don't Ever Leave Me
6. Bashir Sheikh: What A Wonder It Will Be*

*Track 1 & 6 composed by Biddu

Lyrics: Bashir Sheikh

Stella_1's score: 3.5/5

Get the music now: Kalyanji Anandji Qurbani in English


litlgrey said...

But... why was this released in an english version? Are there more examples of this?
What market were the producers trying to reach by doing this?

Also, what do you think of Sharon Prabhakar? So far I think I'd only heard "Love's Reflection" from "Love in Canada," which... kind of like bad folk rock.

Stella_1 said...

Maybe because Biddu lived in the UK at the time and the record (the hindi album as well) was recorded in England.

old delhi new delhi said...

ah i was more surprised to see sharon prabhakar's new music video. man, she still looks as Hot as she used to be 20 yrs ago! oh and i remember one of her video getting banned in india due to obscenity

Harshi said...

This is the most amazing blog I ever read. I am a complete retro freak even though I was born in 1986. My parents are Indian and I was raised there before I moved to USA.
I have hundreds of hindi records back in INDIA but I have gazzillion songs on my laptop. I also have my retro hindi music station at
Please keep up the good work! I love the music you put here. I have the records of all the music here.
Thanks alot once again! Goodbye!


thom de plume said...

I first heard "Let's Do It, Let's Do It, Let's Do It" on an 8-track compilation that I borrowed from a co-worker back in 1986. I've been trying to track it down ever since.

Thank you so much!

Noelani said...

Thanks for writing this.

Tala-Wallah said...

great blog! Found you via PC at 3rd floor. I have this album on vinyl, and I totally agree...some of the songs are better in English.
from a fellow Canadian...