Thursday, January 17, 2008

Laxmikant Pyarelal: Humjoli (1970)

I picked this album next because I just watched Om Shanti Om (Main Hoon Na was better) . The "Dhoom Tana" sequence had a few references to Humjoli. Obviously when Sharukh Khan is playing badminton is refers to "Dhal Gaya Din". But there is also the costume that Deepika Padukone wears in the sequence that is inspired by Mumtaz in the "Tik Tik Tik Mera Dil" song. OK, enough about that, let's talk about the songs of Humjoli.

The music is very integrated into the movie. Like the first song uses the sounds that the girls shout, from each team, when they are playing a game. The song is even called "Hu Tu Tu Tu". Also in "Dhal Gaya Din" the sound of the bird (badminthon ball) hitting the racket is integrated in the song. In "Chai Shuru Hoja" the sound of the caracters hitting the other men is present in teh music.

If "Tik Tik Tik Mera Dil" is supposed to be the vamp song, this is the most innocent one I have ever heard. It's ok, it has like a 5 seconds wacky instrumental break. I can give it that.

"Yeh Kaisa Aya Zamana" is an annoying song at first because you have no idea what is going on, but once you know that there are 3 parts to the song you get it. The first is the older generation, the second music from the 50's and then last is the coolest and newest music.

My favorite on the album is "Haye Re Haye"

I liked the soundtrack, but from a light and fun point of view. It's not meant to be good music, it's simply music to entertain, basically it's bubble gum. Humjoli is Bollywood's version of 60's teen movies.


1. Asha Bhosle, Kamal Barot & Chorus: Hu Tu Tu Tu
2. Mohd. Rafi & Lata Mangeshkar: Haye Re Haye
3. Mohd. Rafi & Asha Bhosle: Dhal Gaya Din

Side 2
4. Mohd. Rafi & Lata Mangeshkar: Tik Tik Tik Mera Dil
5. Mukesh, Kishore Kumar & Mehmod: Ye Kaisa Aya Zamana
6. Mohd. Rafi & Kishore Kumar: Chai Shuru Hoja

Lyrics: Anand Bakshi

Stella_1's score: 3/5

Get the music now: Laxmikant Pyarelal Humjoli


litlgrey said...

There's ANOTHER Hu Tu song? I only know the goofy one from the much later "Naseeb."

litlgrey said...

By the way, what record label is this? I've never seen it before.

Stella_1 said...

It's deer records from Malaysia

litlgrey said...

Ah hah - thanks again!

Beth said...

Oddly enough, I just ran across a reference to this movie in Vikram Chandra's Sacred Games - the gangsters watch it :) As usual with your posts, I adore the design of the album cover (and look forward to investigating the music).

phil said...

Never one to dissapoint , another new one for me
Thank you Stella

deewani said...

Stella thanks again, I finally caught up listening to your recordings, great quality, great stuff!

Gagan said...

Great site with some wonderful albums. Humjoli is a nice fun movie & you can see how Jeetendra got his nickname 'Jumping Jack'.

By the way, the main actress was Leena Chandavarkar not Mumtaz.

Thanks for taking the time to write this blog & post the songs.

Souvik Chatterji said...

Laxmikant Pyarelal had a very eventful musical combination with Lata over 40 years. They were as respectful towards Rafi as they regarded Lata. Even during the phase when music got commercialised in the 80s,