Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bombay Talkie Quiz #1

I was watching the opening credits sequence, and noticed some movie billboards up behind the Helen Poster.

Quiz # 1: Which 4 films are being displayed on billboards in the background of the Helen credits? (I already found Abhinetri)

1. Upper Left - Abhinetri
2. Upper Right - ???
3. Lower Left - ???
4. Lower Right - ??? Starts with "B"?

You can also checkout the opening sequence itself.

Hope you can figure it out!


bollyviewer said...

That takes some observation and lots of guesswork!

2. Saat Phere since the woman looks like Meena Kumari, the title might be Saat Phere since I can make out S and P and the movie was released in 1970.

3. Chiraag The woman looks like Asha Parekh and one of the guys like Sunil Dutt. I can make out nothing of the name on the poster but looking at the size, I'd say Chiraag. It released in 1969 but its the only Asha film around that time with a small enough title!

4. Bandhan - looks like Rajesh Khanna and Mumtaz on the poster and this is their only film begining with B.

Bollyviewer said...

Oh! Just realised that #3 could be Naya Raasta (1970) since the title is being hidden by the bus (not small as I thought) and one of the guys reminds me of Balraj Sahni. The other guy doesnt look much like Jeetendra on my TV, though!

Stella_1 said...

2. I'm pretty sure your right about Saat Phere but I don't know about the next two.

3. I don't know what it is and it's driving me crazy. If it's really Asha in the center of the poster than, the co-star could maybe be Dharamendra (Aya Sawan Jhoom Ke), Sunil Dutt (Chiraag), Rajesh Khanna (Aan Milo Sajna) or Manoj Kumar(Saajan). But if its Balraj Sahni it could perhaps be Pavitra Paapi.

4. I would also say that Bandhan is the best guess because the village "look" of the poster matches the film. But it could maybe be Bhai Bhai or Bachpan.

aavo said...

Dear Stella :

Thanks for an afternoon of Bollywood fun!


1 upper left: Abhinetri (1970) poster stars L-R: Shashi Kapoor and Hema Malini

2. Upper right: Saat Phere (1970) poster stars L-R: Meena Kumari unknown

3 Lower left: Bhai-Bhai (1970) poster stars L-R: Sunil dutt, mumtaz, Asha Parekh and Sunil Dutt (in a double role)

4 Lower right: Bandhan (1970) poster stars L-R: Mumtaz, Rajesh Khanna

Regards: aavo