Friday, November 2, 2007


Hi, I am sorry for being so slow these past months. It's just that I am a student and I don't have much time too upload my records. But I have some time in my schedual in the week of the 12th of november 2007. And I haven't chosen which ones too upload next. So basically, just write the names of the records and your requests. If I have them, I will make them a priority. Thanks for your patience



Anonymous said...

Hi Stella_1, do you have umrao-jaan?

Stella_1 said...

Yes, I have that one,it will be up in the next week.

Anonymous said...

Stella_1...thanks for the sounds that you are putting and PC (3rd Floor)are both inspiring!

...And today I wish you a Happy Divali, best wishes for the future and your studies, Ajay (

PS.(God, I sound like a right Uncleji !!!) Just enjoy and be happy ...and have pyrotechnical parties, dressed in sexy sarees with mad melodies

phil said...

thank you for the heads up , however I missed ebay because I have been in hospital
no requests stella ... whatever you like :)

Anonymous said...

Great site. Quality is awesome also. I was wondering if you have any bappi lahiri albums?


Stella_1 said...

I have a few bappi records. So after the Amrapali post, there will be three more posts and then, the next one will be Namak Halaal. After that I don't know when I will put up the others.