Saturday, March 29, 2008

Stella in London ?!

Hi everyone, I have decided that I am going to be finding a summer job in London. I cant' wait. I was wondering if any of you ''Londoners'' could help me out with a few of my questions.

1. Well I don't have anywhere to stay, so where is the cheapest (not like dangerous cheap, where only people out of jail or a mental institutions live) place I could stay?

2. Where can I get Indian records?

3. And Indian Movies (DVD's)? Also, are there any cinema's that show Indian films?

4. Where are the best places to go out?

And 5. What are your favorite things to do in London?

*If any of you would like to meet and talk, we could set up a little supper or meeting for Indian record collectors. That would be great. Thanks


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

regarding food & drink (in no particular order):

1. Duke of Cambridge

2. Chowki

3. Monmouth Coffee

4. Borough Market

5. Poilâne Bakery

6. Neal's Yard Dairy

Anonymous said...

Hi Stella,

Not really sure what your budget is or how central or safe you want the area you stay in to be.
This place has a good reputation is about 4 miles from the centre, has some other london sites not to far away, Hampstead, Camden Lock Market & has a dorm if your budget concious. You would have to check on whether the dorm is gender specific. There are always YMCAs could Google for prices. The cheapest cool eats are to be found in Drummond St in NW1 most are vegetarian S. Indian. Try Chutneys on a Sunday all day buffet £6.50. Ravi Shankar & Diwanis are also excellent though buffets are less often. Brick Lane in East London also has some good indian cafe/restaurants & is a funky visit on a Sunday.

Hope this is a start to an enjoyable trip....oh & thanks for the good music.


Anonymous said...

Re my last post I'm not sure whether the link is all viewable for some reason. Just in case not GooglePalmers Lodge+ 40 College Crescent NW3 + accomodation + London. That should do it.


Stella_1 said...

Hey J, Thanks for the info. Well my budget is basically the less money I spend the better. (I don't mind sleeping on the floor or on a couch). Do you know anyone that might want to swich apartments for the summer? Or that is leaving for the summer and wants to rent out they're flat? If so, I would gladly like some more info . Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi Stella,

I don't at the moment but will keep my ear to the ground.


Anonymous said...

Sorry I seem to be monopolising this space but you also ask about Indian DVDs & CDs. The largest Indian area in the city is right to the W. of London, Southall. You should be able to fill your boots on a day out there although you would have to check that the DVDs had subtitles unless your a Hindi speaker.
For Indian films N. Londons Woood Green Shopping City has Cineworld a multiplex that always has at least one subtitled Bollywood film on in one of its cinemas. You could perhaps find more DVDs & CDs in the area though the area is more mixed culturally.


Sujayita said...

Just discovered your blog and am already enthralled. I love Hindi film music from the 40s to the 70s and I got some lovely pieces from your collection. I really appreciate the effort that you are putting in and will keep on dropping by for the goodies. :D

Uncle Manish said...

Regarding one of the previous posts; the only place near wood green that is likely to sell indian dvds is actually along turnpike lane (1 stop away on the tube). As far as indian records go.... if you do find a spot please let me know lol!
For accomodation, general rule is that the closer it is to the city, the more the rent will be (assuming the place is in a semi reasonable condition)

Beth Loves Bollywood said...

I asked some similar questions last year -
I know there's an answer about the theater at least :)

You should definitely stop by the wonderful shop Ganesha, maybe buying an Amitabh-emblazoned, and talking with the owner, who is a huge Bolly fan.

I personally love the museums best of all, but it's hard to go wrong in London, in my experience. Have a great time!

Vignesh Sekar said...

Hi stella, This is vicky here( I just got your comment on my first post.. I dont know where u found my blog.. But thanks for the comment.. I appreciate... I get your point.. I strongly beleive that heart is one that feels the right.. Hmmm.. Anyway.. Stay in touch.. I just added you to my blog list... Take care... See ya.. All the Best for Job Search :)

Mrinal said...
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Mrinal said...

Just read your comment on my latest post. You seem to be a huge fan of the Indian subcontinent. Anyway, most of my views about India end up being vitriolic.

I will try to get in some views on the subjects you had asked for. Not promising anything though....need the inspiration first. Finally..thanks for the comment. Much appreciated!

Mr.A said...

hi Stella. Ok first off i'll ask around to see if anybody has a spare room available...

As for all things indian, southall, east ham, and brick lane are the areas. Well Brick Lane is Banga town really, but lots of shops stock hindi dvd's and cd's...

As for vinyl, you'll be very lucky, the only things i've managed to get are total random finds on street stalls...

I work just off brick lane, i'd be more than happy to meet for some chai & give you a quick guide if you so wish. Hope you enjoy your stay in London...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Stella ! I love your blog, I read it every day !! I love how you talk about indian music, you seem very passionate !

About London, Hmm well I don't think you should go there without speaking to your lawyer because it can be very dangerous, specially for a Redhead, with all the trouble between Ireland and England, They will get Racial on you.. Anyway Good luck Stel !

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Anonymous said...

hi Stella ji any way to contact you on mail??
not to worry i dont have any song request ! :-)



this too will pass said...

Cheapish place to stay in a nice area:

most beautiful place in London in the daytime: Kew Gardens; at night, the Thames Embankment

Museum with the most beautiful things: The V&A

Stella_1 said...

Ya, my email is

Anonymous said...

What about escorts - anyone know where to find them?

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