Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Yay! My record player!

Oh, joy! I finally got my record player with a USB plug, I am so happy!

The only difference is that the files will be in Wav. format and that's it.

I will post an album as soon as I can. Thanks for your patience.


isfahani said...

You're going to post in lossless? that's awesome!

Anonymous said...

Wave files are really big. A whole album would be over 400mb for sure. The best way is to encode using a program like adobe audition which will work with the usb player or convert using a mp3 encoder which isnt hard to find. I would suggest razorlame.


Anonymous said...

lol "really big" try grabbing a HK tv series 12 x dvd9's!

I'd suggest learning how to do lossless compression ie: .flac - actually *I beg you* - if you can post in lossless quality please do so.

mp3's are soooooo 2001!

phil said...

Very pleased for you Stella

Sorry havn't visited much
Would have loved to have met up when you came to London but unable as have been in hospital for the last year,am all ok now

isfahani said...

well, if you can't get into .flac (which I recommend) to post, then take your .wav's and convert them into 320k mp3's, which IMO is the next best thing...

If you want some details, look me up, didi!

Larry said...

Your thhe best