Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

I know it's been a while, but don't worry I will be posting albums soon. As to celebrate the new year, and since I could not find any new year Indian videos to share, I decided to initiate some some of you to my French-Canadian roots with a song, called "Degeneration", which is a modern twist on traditional Quebecois music.

tragedia, who posted the video writes : "I put subtitles on this music video by Québec band Mes Aïeux that is really good. It's about different generations in Quebec and what kind of life/possibilities they had. I suppose it could apply to anywhere but the transition in Quebec from Catholic backwater to liberal modernity was particularly quick and harsh. (Read up about the Quiet Revolution/Révolution Tranquille.)"

Usually this song is played on the 24th of June (St-Jean-Baptiste day) or on New Year's Eve, and at the end of the video there is usually more music which is a musical interlude that makes everyone dances like crazy (but it's not included in the clip). Hope you like it, if you don't, don't worry I will be back to hindi soundtracks soon.

Bonne Année!


Unknown said...

bloavezh mat stella !!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Stella :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!!

That music is very infectious and the sub titles enhanced the enjoyment for me.

Anonymous said...

I like it.

By the way, I have to go back to Quebec City sometime. Last time I was there was during the summit protests (against the FTAA) in April 2001. I couldn't see the city so well through all the tear gas. It looked a bit like a revolution - and not a quiet one - but I think it was really just a brief holiday. :)

Happy New Year!